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Tardizord Twosome and others



Truro is the leader of the Power Rangers Pencil Force. He is the Red Ranger with the LocoZord and the Shining Foil. He does tend to lose his temper and use atrocious language when royally annoyed. But he is a true leader and always there for a battle against Kitsune IV
Chris Burrell (CB)
Chris Burrell, or CB for short, is the Green Ranger with the Star Hammer and the GamecubeZord. He got sent to jail after a mix up with Pervy. He's mad about Mario, and once got sent to the Mario World to prevent the Stoner Dragons from destroying it.
Carly is the Pink Ranger who is always cheerful. That is, of course, if Pervy doesn't spy on her like in PRPF Episode 2. She wields the Mermaid Fin tonfa and has the MidlanderZord.
Liz, the Yellow Ranger, wields the Angel Staff and has the SparrowZord to her use. She's mad on angels and has a great respect for the moon. So it's not really surprising that she got wound up with Kitsune after he threw a nerd onto the moon.
Dan the Countdowner
Dan "the Countdowner" (Me) is the blue ranger who created the TardiZord replica for time travel. With a liking for Countdown and other gameshows as well as Doctor Who, he's always there for the other rangers. His weapons include the Sonic Screwdriver and any other weapons which he draws.
Carlos joined Truro and Dan when they saved his planet from the continuous threat of the Alligatrons. He is a naga, which is part human, part snake. He is a kind-natured fellow who is always there for his allies, especially Truro.
Carlnados came into being when Dan and Carlos temporarily fused together.  He battled against Kitsune with Turbo Truro. But he got shot in the shoulder by a laser from Kitsune, resulting in a naga form. He is friends with Carlos and the others, but his main friend is Dan.
King Serpentine:
King Serpentine is the peace-loving king who rules the whole planet of Serpentopia. Along with his fellow citizens, he was taken captive by the notorious Alligatrons, until Dan the Countdowner and Truro rescued him and his citizens.
A Serpentopian who was taken a solitary captive by the Alligatrons. Quite by chance, he was rescued by Dan, who was locked in the same cell as him after Dan got shocked by the Alligatrons. Cedric is a doctor naga by trade, and an albino reticulated python naga. He is a worthy ally to the Pencil Force team, and works mainly in the Zord Hangar.
Retro Rangers
All the rangers combined their powers to defeat Kitzilla, who was sent hurtling through space.
The original Blue Ranger who decided to stay and help the Pencil Force rangers after the battle against Kitzilla.
Alpha (5)
Zordon's trusty companion who was with Billy before they went to the Pencil Force base.
After Zordon died, his alpha wave reached through the galaxy and somehow landed in the central column of the Tardizord.
Kitsune IV
Minion of Buggroff-ya, this vulpine baddie is an elite at ninja skills. With hoards of Stoner Dragons/Tone Deaf Dragons, his main mission is to destroy the Shining Hills art gallery . . . which he fails to do so . . . miserably, thanks to Truro and the Fan Art Rangers.
Buggroff-ya Stupordhast/ The Master & Yursucha Stupordhast/ The Master's brother:
The Master, Buggroff-ya Stupordhast, was the evil mastermind who reigned in Mount Draco . . . until Kitsune IV destroyed him and his brother, Yursucha.
Dr. Al. E. Gator
These metal-headed alligator androids were created on the planet Reptillious by Dr. Al. E. Gator. Their mission: To enslave the whole of Serpentopia. They failed miserably to do this, after Dan and Truro blew them up with their water cannon.

Profiles coming soon.

The Tardizord Twosome and others is based of Truro - Chris Sherburn's Power Rangers series.
Based on the original Power Rangers series by Haim Saban.