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Tardizord Twosome Episodes
Episode 13 - Super Dan Vs the Daleks
Episode 1 - Serpentopia
Episode 2 - Tooth, Claw and Coil
Episode 3 - Rangers Unite
Episode 4 - Doctor Tru?
Episode 5 - Doomsday for the Dragons
Episode 6 - Revenge of the Alligatrons
Episode 7 - Evil No More?
Mini Episode 1 - The Devil within Turbo Truro
Episode 9: Christmas
Mini Episode 2: Kitzilla strikes again
Episode 11 - Rodents and Robots
Episode 12 - The Blazing Tramper
Episode 13 - Super Dan Vs the Daleks
Episode 14 - A Super problem!
Episode 15 - Living the Knightmare (Part One)
Episode 16 - Living the Knightmare (Part Two)
Episode 17 - Living the Knightmare (Part Three)
Episode 18 - Tellified? Of course not!
Episode 19 - All for one...!
Episode 20 - Bonebody
Episode 21 - Simulant!
Episode 22 - Battle for the Castle

“That was exciting!” Truro grinned. Carlos, Cedric and Carlnados agreed. “Indeed it was.” added Dan. The Tardizord was now hurtling back through the Time Tunnel. “Now, where next?” thought Dan. The Location/Date panel read: Shining Hills, 2009. “Oh yes, of course.” he added. The Tardizord materialised back in the Zord Hangar and the 5 exited it, then made their way to the ranger base. All except Dan, who changed quickly into overalls and got the paint out. Truro glanced over his shoulder at Dan, who started painting on the large Tardizord’s exterior. “Hah, bless him!” he laughed, and he and the others went on their way. As they progressed towards the base, Truro thought he heard something coming from outside, so he rushed to the balcony. As he looked out from the balcony, he saw a sort of spaceship hovering over the town. “No…no, it surely can’t be! Not the Alligatrons again!” he gasped. And it wasn’t. It was a ship belonging to a far worse race. Truro quickly sketched out some binoculars and fed his pencil through the paper, muttering “Pictorus Activatum” under his breath. Instantly, the binoculars became solid matter and Truro put them to his eyes. He looked through them and saw the real occupants of the ship. Truro lowered the binoculars from his eyes and turned a dangerous shade of red. “Oh no, anything but them!” he growled, his arms shaking. Cedric slid up beside Truro. “What’s wrong?” he asked. Then, he noticed the ship. “Oh.” he said. “Dan’s not going to be happy!” Truro thought to himself, sweatdropping. At that moment, Liz, Carly and CB joined Cedric and Truro. Before they could say hello, they noticed the spaceship. “Holy Guacamole!” gasped CB. “What a way to waste your money!” put in Liz. “Who’s driving that thing?” asked Carly. Truro turned his head, still red in the face. “That spaceship belongs to a terrible race!” he began. Meanwhile, Dan had just finished painting when Carlos and Carlnados burst in through the door, both looking panic-stricken. “Whoa, fellas! Take it easy! What’s come over you all of a sudden?” Dan said. “No time to explain, Dan!” panted Carlos. “Come and have a look outside!” added Carlnados, wrapping a coil round Dan’s waist and pulling him out of the Hangar. “Whoa! Carlnados, take it easy!!!” Dan unwrapped the coil from his waist and looked up. “Bloody Hell!” he shouted. “What a spaceship!” gasped Carlos. “What do you make of it, Dan? Dan?” asked Carlnados. Dan turned a deep shade of red, just like Truro and started to shake with rage. “Hrrr! If my memory serves me correctly,” growled Dan. “then it means we’re in jeopardy! It’s . . . a Dalek Ship!” “. . . Dalek Ship!” said Truro. (They both said it at the same time.)  A grating, rasping voice came from the Dalek Ship. “Attention! This is the Dalek Ship!” “YES, WE KIND OF FIGURED THAT!” roared Dan. “Silence!” came the voice. Dan mouthed back. “We have control over this town. It is futile to resist our control.” At that moment, three Daleks surrounded Dan, Carlos and Carlnados. “Keep very close with me.” growled Dan, raising his pencil above his head. Carlos and Carlnados held on, channelling their psychic energy through Dan to the pencil. “EXTERMINATE!” screeched the Daleks. A blue ray shot out from each gun at the three . . . but they got repelled. A forcefield had shielded the three from the blasts. The Daleks looked at their guns. “Is that it?” asked Dan. The Daleks then looked at Dan. “Useless. Nul Points. Zero. Nought! Nil! Nada! Nothing! Zip! Zilch! Absolutely diddly-squit!” Dan grinned. “What’s going on?” demanded a Dalek. “We’ve lost control of our weaponary! We are unarmed!” said another. “Keep back!” warned the third. Dan’s nose was now flashing blue. “You can threaten me all you like, but for now . . . BLOODY SCANNER!” yelled Dan, morphing up to his MK 1 Ranger suit. “Enemy of Cybermen . . . AND Daleks! Blue Fan Art Ranger!” The Daleks moved back in discomfort as Dan, (with Carlos and Carlnados hands on either shoulder), moved forward. “BOO!” said the three, suddenly. The Daleks’ guns mysteriously fell out of their sockets. Dan, Carlos ad Carlnados took one each for themselves. “Ta very much. Now it’s time to turn the tables on you!” grinned Dan. “We have failed! Self-destruct! We have failed!” chanted the Daleks. The spheres on their bases formed a forcefield around them and they exploded inside them. “That does it for those three, but stay alert. There are Daleks everywhere!” Dan warned. At that moment, Cedric, Carly, Liz, CB and Truro joined Dan, Carlos and Carlnados in patrolling the streets of the town, scanning for those menacing, metal pepperpots. They all grouped together, with Dan, Carlos and Carlnados leading, Dalek guns in hand. The Dalek Ship landed nearby, in an area well known to Truro and Dan. “Er, Dan.” “Yes, Truro?” “I’m getting a sense of de-ja-vu!” called Truro. “Same here.” Dan called back. Suddenly, all the Daleks in the town came towards the group, effectively boxing them in against the Dalek Ship. “Shoot! They’ve got us surrounded.” observed CB. The group looked around, trying to find a means of exit. “You are correct, CB. This is gonna take some thinking.” Dan said. “You dare to defy us!” called a grey Dalek. “Hostile elements will be exterminated.” Called a silver Daleks. The group stood their ground as some Daleks came in closer, and the cries of “Exterminate” filled the area. Dan stepped forward. Blue energy came out from his suit and formed a shield over him. He morphed down. “SHUT UP!” he bellowed. His clenched fists started to shake again. The other rangers and nagas looked on in disbelief, as Dan’s blue aura turned golden yellow. “Jeepers! He’s getting stressed out!” quivered Carly. “Good golly!” added Liz. Next, Dan’s hair stiffened, stood on end and became yellow. “This can’t be possible! The human is transforming!” stated a gold Dalek. Dan gave a low cackle. “Well, I’m glad you’ve established that!” he laughed. His eyes were now a swirly red. “Oh my God! He’s been Fleetway-ed!” gasped Truro. “He’s become something like you became when you saw to Nerd!” Carly shivered. The Fleetway-ed Super Dan then levitated from the ground…and dived for the Daleks, who fired their guns – to no avail. Super Dan simply flew through them, and they melted like a knife through hot butter. Super Dan glanced at his friends, his eyes turning back to normal. “Well, don’t just stand there!” he called, as he tossed a Dalek gun to each of them. “Why don’t you have some fun, too?” “Y-yes sir!” stammered Carly. One by one, the Daleks were destroyed as the now morphed rangers used the Daleks’ guns against them. Carly got through a bunch of them in one blast! “Oopsie! Guess I don’t know my own strength!” she laughed, nervously. Truro and Carlos teamed up and took out another group. “Bullseye!” they said together. Liz used her Angel Staff to jump, and fired her Dalek Gun at the bunch of Daleks she was battling. “Excellent!” she grinned. “Retreat!” called a bunch of Daleks, who were thinking about crossing Cedric. “Nah-ah-ah!” he called. “You don’t escape me that easily! Magnet Coil!” Cedric’s tail glowed silver and the bunch of Daleks stuck to it, and got crushed until Cedric created a statuette of Big Ben out of them. “That’s a good statue.” admired Super Dan, putting his hands together. “Clear the way, every one!” he called. The group scarpered as the Time Vortex formed in Super Dan’s hands. “TIME VORTEX!” he called. The Vortex grew in Super Dan’s hands, and any remaining Daleks, the Dalek Ship and the mangled heap got sucked in. Then, Super Dan pointed the vortex to outer space. “Adios!” he called, as he sent the vortex careering out of the Solar System, into an oncoming comet. The impact lit up the sky and before hitting the ground, Super Dan powered down. Truro rushed over to Dan, who got to his feet, rubbing his head. “Are you OK, Dan?” asked Truro. “What? Oh, yes. Sure I am, Truro.” replied Dan. He looked around and saw that the area was now as clean as a whistle. “Well, let’s head back to base.” Dan suggested. Everyone thought this was a good idea, and they all headed back.

DISCLAIMER : The episodes written are by me, but the characters used and introduced are copyrighted to their original owners