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Tardizord Twosome Episodes
Episode 2 - Tooth, Claw and Coil
Episode 1 - Serpentopia
Episode 2 - Tooth, Claw and Coil
Episode 3 - Rangers Unite
Episode 4 - Doctor Tru?
Episode 5 - Doomsday for the Dragons
Episode 6 - Revenge of the Alligatrons
Episode 7 - Evil No More?
Mini Episode 1 - The Devil within Turbo Truro
Episode 9: Christmas
Mini Episode 2: Kitzilla strikes again
Episode 11 - Rodents and Robots
Episode 12 - The Blazing Tramper
Episode 13 - Super Dan Vs the Daleks
Episode 14 - A Super problem!
Episode 15 - Living the Knightmare (Part One)
Episode 16 - Living the Knightmare (Part Two)
Episode 17 - Living the Knightmare (Part Three)
Episode 18 - Tellified? Of course not!
Episode 19 - All for one...!
Episode 20 - Bonebody
Episode 21 - Simulant!
Episode 22 - Battle for the Castle

The Tardizord, piloted by Dan, was now hurtling at top speed through the time corridor. Dan and Truro, two of the Pencil Force  Power Rangers from Shining Hills, had just left the planet Serpentopia, with a new companion, Carlos, an anaconda naga who was asked by King Serpenine to go with Truro and Dan as their reward for ridding the planet of the dreaded Alligatrons. The central column of the Tardizord lit up as Tardizordon came into view. "Rangers. You have a live message from Liz back at the flat." "Establish visual link." Truro said. "Visual Link Established." boomed Tardizordon. The image of Liz appeared. "Hey guys. Where on Earth are you?" she called. "Technically, we're not on Earth, Liz," began Dan. "No. We're, in fact, in the Time Corridor." added Truro. "I made a smaller replica of the Tardizord, and now we're passing the planet Spiradelta." finished Dan. "Oh, it was you, was it? I thought it was the Doctor. I got my autograph book out for nothing!" sighed Liz, disappointed. Not wanting to see his friend disappointed, Truro spoke. "Lighten, up, Liz." he said cheerfully. "We have a new passenger on board." "Who is it?" Liz asked. She spotted Carlos and nearly fell off her chair in surprise. Dan hid his laughter and cleared his throat.  "This is Carlos. A human anaconda, or Naga as the inhabitants of Serpentopia call themselves." "Hello." grinned Carlos. "Er...hi." Liz gulped.
"No need to be scared, Liz. He's quite friendly." Truro said.
"Liz, we're coming into land now." Dan said, pulling a lever.
"Turn your chair 180 degrees." So Liz did. She heard the noise of the Countdown clock, saw a light flashing and saw a big blue rectangle fading in with the details on it. 30 seconds later, the door opened and out came Truro, just as Carly and Chris arrived from the Art Gallery. "Ahh, Carly and CB. Me and Dan have just travelled through time and space..." "Yes, and?" said CB, not convinced. "Where did you go?" asked Carly. "To the planet Serpentopia. Carly and CB's jaws hung open. "No..." began CB. "....way!" finished Carly. "Oh, yes way." Truro laughed, grinning like the Joker. "And to prove it, Dan and I have brought back a companion." At that moment, Carlos and Dan emerged from the Tardizord and . . . Carly and CB fainted. Liz approached cautiously towards Carlos, who shook her hand and picked her up with his tail. Liz suddenly thought she was going to fall, but there was nothing to worry about, for Carlos had put her gently on the ground and laid his tail over Liz's arms. "Whoa, you're strong for a kid." said Liz, amazed.
Carlos grinned. "Why, thank you, Liz was it?" "Yeah." replied Liz. Carlos slithered over to where CB and Carly lay,  and put his hands on their foreheads. Carly and CB suddenly woke up. and started shivering. "But how? He's a snake!" CB stuttered. "He might kill us!" added Carly. "He's harmless, you two." Called Liz. "He's non-venomous." added Truro. "Cover your eyes, you three." called Carlos. "Why?" asked Liz. "I plan to use hypnosis on these two to relieve them of their fear." Carlos replied. Dan, Truro and Liz hid in the Tardizord, shut the door and counted to 30. During the thirty seconds, the room turned to negative as the fear factor was drained from Carly and CB. "Ba-ba, ba-ba, ba-da-da-da, boom!" sang Dan from inside the Tardizord. Carly and CB stopped shivering and sat up. "You can come out now!" called Carlos. Dan opened the door and he, Liz and Truro exited the Tardizord. CB and Carly stood up, holding their heads as if they'd had a big headache.
About 30 minutes later, after CB an Carly gathered their wits, they introduced themselves to Carlos, who introduced himself and lifted Carly and CB on his coils. "How would you like to see our Zords?" Liz asked. "Zords?" repeated Carlos. "Do you mean to say that you are Power Rangers as well as Dan?" "Yes" said the 5 teenagers in unison. "Well, let's have a look then." grinned Carlos. "But we'll catch you up on the way." said Truro to Liz and Dan. "OK." replied Dan and Liz. They headed towards the Zord Hangar, a secret underground hangar where the Zords all stand idle when they're not needed. "That's one cool kid." said Liz."Cool enough he's half human, half green anaconda, but I didn't know he knew how to use hypnosis."Carlos did something similar to Truro on Serpentopia" Dan explained, taking a nearby pot of blue paint and a brush. "Truro kept hiding behind the Tardizord from him," he added, sloshing at the actual Tardizord with the paint. "He was reluctant to come out, but he confronted Carlos
in the end. Carlos then wrapped his tail around Truro's shoulders and in a flash of light, he somehow eradicated Truro's fear of snakes." "He's full of surprises and energy" added Truro, who had entered the Hangar and started to patch up the Jubileezord with a fresh coat of red paint. Carlos entered next with Carly and CB. "Welcome to the hangar." grinned Carly. Carlos looked around in awe at the Zords towering over him. "They're incredible!" he gasped. Dan put the paint pot and brush down on a nearby table. Walking over to the sink to wash his hands, Dan talked over his shoulder. "You've seen me in ranger form, so here are the others!"

“Bloody Scanner!” called Liz, Truro CB and Carly together.

“Always tips his hat to a lady! Green Fan Art Ranger!”

“North Western Master! Red Fan Art Ranger!”

"Sunshine From Jersey, Pink Fan Art Ranger!"

"Angel of Chicago, Yellow Fan Art Ranger!"

"And there you are!" Sad Dan, turning off the taps,an drying his hands. Carlos couldn't speak due to him being in awe!

Later in the Tardizord replica, Dan was busy sweeping and cleaning the interior, when Carlos came in. Dan looked up. "Oh, hey there. So how do you like our base?" "I like it a lot!" beamed Carlos. "So what do you guys do exactly?" "Well, we keep an eye on the district of Shining Hills to make sure it's safe." explained Dan. "But this fox devil known as Kitsune IV and his Stoner Dragons keep on attacking the Art Gallery, which is full of donations by Truro." "I see." said Carlos. "So you have your work cut out, basically?" "You could say that, yes." replied Dan. Suddenly, the Tardizord jerked and rocked as everything went mad. Dan reached for a button. "STOP IT!" he called. "What's the matter with you, eh? Tardizordon, what's happened?" "My sensors tell me there's a power surge about." boomed Tardizordon. "What? Where is it?" asked Carlos. "At the Art Gallery." replied Tardizordon. Dan rushed to the doors. "Hey Guys! We have a problem on our hands!" he called. And, before you could say "Supermarketsweepacalifragilisticexpialidealornodealdocious!" (Don't even ask me to repeat it), the other rangers rushed into the Tardizord. "Set co-ordinates for Shining Hills Art Gallery." called Dan. "Location co-ordinates established." boomed Tardizordon. With a 'tick-tick-tickety-tick' sound, the Tardizord disappeared from the Hangar. Truro turned to Liz, Carly and CB. "You're gonna love this!" he said. They looked at the huge viewing screen, which was recently installed in the Tardizord,  and saw a colourful Tunnel with clocks rushing past. At the Art Gallery, the Stoner Dragons were thrashing about, destroying the windows and the exterior, with Kitsune cackling madly, when all of a sudden, he noticed a flashing light. Then a big blue rectangle faded in with the details on it. "It can't be the Doctor, can it'' 30 seconds later, the rangers and Carlos came out. "No, sorry!" Said Dan. "It's the rangers..." began Truro and Liz. " one!" finished Carly and CB. "Plus one? What do you mean 'plus one'?" snorted Kitsune. "That would be me!" said Carlos, slithering forwards. "Meet our new friend from the planet Serpentopia." said Truro as Carlos laid a hand on his shoulder. "Carlos. Human Anaconda with psychic abilities." "Stop attacking that dud and attack those pesky rangers!" ordered Kitsune. "Morphin Time!" called Truro. "Ptera . . . Hold on a minute!" called Carly. "We are the Pencil Force Power Rangers! What planet have you been living on? Honestly!" "If I remember correctly, isn't it "Bloody Scanner?" asked Carlos. Immediately, the 5 heroes morphed up. The rangers dealt with the Stoners, while Carlos confronted Kitsune, who had brought his sabre down above his head, but it bent before it had touched Carlos. Then, Carlos psychically tied it into a knot. "What the . . .?" gasped Kitsune. "Nice one!" called Truro, ducking from a punch by the Stoner approaching him. CB led a Stoner to a phonebooth. "Let me get the door!" he called and slammed it in the face of the Stoner which crumbled. Liz and Carly decided to do a double whammy and jumped aside as two Stoners crashed into each other. "Smashing!" said Dan, somersaulting over three Stoners. Liz and Carly groaned at the pun. Meanwhile, since Kitsune was weaponless, he tried to do hand-to-hand combat, but Carlos grabbed Kitsune with his coils and thrusted him into the sky. "What goes up must come down!" he said as Kitsune rose into the sky, and then crashed down again. "Ow!" groaned Kitsune. "Need a hug?" called Truro. Carlos wrapped around Kitsune and sent a charge of power circulating inside him. Kitsune screamed in agony as he was compressed. Suddenly, he vanished in a poof of smoke. The sky turned black and now, a giant Kitsune took his place. "What?" gasped Truro. "I am now Kitzilla!" roared Kitsune. "Carlos, you're gonna love this." Dan said. "Fart Zords, arrive!" called the rangers. Elsewhere the Zord hanger opened up and the zords rose out and flew to the scene. Dan grabbed Carlos arm and they entered the Large Tardizord cockpit. "Quite cosy, this." grinned Carlos. "Ah, that's nothing. Watch this!" said Dan, pulling a lever. "MEGAZORD POWER UP!" called the rangers. The Tardizord split to form the legs, the Gamecubezord linked up to become the torso, the Jubileezord unfolded into a pair of arms, the Midlanderzord became the head, and the Sparrowzord attached to the back, as a winged jetpack. Green discs flew from the torso, but Kitzilla swished them aside. Pink and red lasers shot from the head and arms, but Kitzilla dodged them and took a swipe at the Tardizord with his legs. It broke off and Dan and Carlos were send flying through the air where they landed with a thump on the abandoned playing field. The Megazord swayed ominously, Kitzilla cackled mercilessly and Truro was plain cheesed off. In fact, he de-morphed and climbed onto the outside of the Megazord. "What the hell is he doing? Is he trying to commit suicide against a 50 metre high werefox?" yelled Liz in alarm. "Look!" cried Carly. Truro was now levitating. His hair turned golden yellow, his eyes turned blood red and a yellow aura surrounded him. Dan,who had demorphed, lay still. Carly, Liz and CB looked out towards him. "I hope they are all right." said Carly. "Dan took a rather nasty fall, but Carlos seems unhurt." said CB. "They'll be fine!" said Liz, confidently. Dan in a daze opened his eyes. "Carlos? Carlos?" he called. "Oh, there you are." Carlos was right next to him. Dan, mustering a bit of energy, pulled himself up slowly. Carlos managed to go upright. He suddenly saw a speck of gold in the sky. "What on earth is that?" he asked. Dan put a hand above his eyes and looked up. "I don't believe it." he gasped. "It's Turbo Truro!" Turbo Truro opened his eyes. "You will pay for what you've done to Dan, Carlos and the Art Gallery!" Turbo Truro glared. His voice was calm though a mean glint shone in his red eyes. "I don't think so!" laughed Kitzilla, bringing a fist down on Turbo Truro. Turbo Truro simply stopped it with a single hand. "Reminds me a little bit like Sonic X." said CB, remembering that Super Sonic did a similar thing with the Egg-Sterminator while trying to rescue Chris Thorndyke from the grasp of Eggman. "Perish, you insolent rat!" roared Kitzilla. Carly, CB and Liz disengaged the zords,(Which returned to the Zord Hangar) and rushed to where Dan and Carlos stood supporting each other. "Are you all right?" asked Liz. "I'm OK now." said Dan. "I'm unhurt." added Carlos. Turbo Truro kept on dodging attack after attack as the worked up tyrant tried to swat him down. Dan held his screwdriver in the air. Seven rocks appeared and surrounded Dan and Carlos, covering them in a revitalising energy. Then Dan turned to Super Dan. His flat hairstyle turned spiky yellow and a yellow aura surrounded him too. CB gaped. "What? First Truro, and now you? Who next?" Carlos grabbed Super Dan's arm. "I'm gonna try something new." he said. "What did you have in mind?" asked Dan. "Fusio Combino!" called Carlos. Both he and Super Dan disappeared in a bright light, which caught the attention of Kitzilla and Turbo Truro. "What in the world?" gasped Kitzilla. The two lights, down below, formed one big energy sphere. After 30 seconds, a new naga took the place of Carlos and Dan. It opened his eyes and looked up. "Er, excuse me, but who are you? asked Liz. The naga quickly turned his head in Liz's direction. "I am Carlnados." it answered in Carlos and Dan's voice. Carlnados flicked his tail and levitated to where Turbo Truro was standing. "You ready?" he asked. "Yep. Let's finish him!" Turbo Truro grinned. "Ruddy Hell!" gasped Kitsune. Turbo Truro put his hands back to back. "Turbo Cannon!" he called as a red sphere formed in his hands. "FIRE!" he called, and the sphere turned into a beam which caught Kitzilla unawares. "Agh!" grunted Kitzilla. Concentrating hard, Carlnados used a psychic power to make himself grow to the same size as Kitzilla. "Anaconda Grip" he called as the now massive coils worked themselves around Kitzilla. "Not Again!" growled Kitzilla. "Now's your chance!" called Carlnados to Turbo Truro. "Aim for his tail!" Turbo Truro fired at Kitzilla's tail while Carlnados got clear, only to find that he was forced to the ground and he separated to become Dan and Carlos. But a bright light shone above them and a normal size Carlnados appeared right in front of them. Kitzilla disappeared in a big poof of smoke. "You haven't seen the last of meeeeee!" his voice echoed through the area. Turbo Truro came in to land. Carlnados looked around. "That's the last we've seen of him for a while." he said in a normal voice. He looked at Liz, Carly and CB. "You look pale. Are you OK?" The three rangers couldn't speak after all the excitement. Truro helped Carlos by dragging the 3 fainted rangers into the Tardizord. Dan and Carlnados looked at each other, laughed, and entered the Tardizord. Then, the familiar sound of the Countdown Clock echoed in the field as the Tardizord faded out of view and reappeared in the Zord Hangar.


DISCLAIMER : The episodes written are by me, but the characters used and introduced are copyrighted to their original owners