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Tardizord Twosome Episodes
Episode 3 - Rangers Unite
Episode 1 - Serpentopia
Episode 2 - Tooth, Claw and Coil
Episode 3 - Rangers Unite
Episode 4 - Doctor Tru?
Episode 5 - Doomsday for the Dragons
Episode 6 - Revenge of the Alligatrons
Episode 7 - Evil No More?
Mini Episode 1 - The Devil within Turbo Truro
Episode 9: Christmas
Mini Episode 2: Kitzilla strikes again
Episode 11 - Rodents and Robots
Episode 12 - The Blazing Tramper
Episode 13 - Super Dan Vs the Daleks
Episode 14 - A Super problem!
Episode 15 - Living the Knightmare (Part One)
Episode 16 - Living the Knightmare (Part Two)
Episode 17 - Living the Knightmare (Part Three)
Episode 18 - Tellified? Of course not!
Episode 19 - All for one...!
Episode 20 - Bonebody
Episode 21 - Simulant!
Episode 22 - Battle for the Castle

The sound of the Tardizord echoed through the flat of the Pencil Force rangers, as the Tardis replica faded into sight, next to Liz's Laptop desk. Everyone went out of the Tardizord, while Dan parked it in the Zord Hangar. He then started repairs on the Big Tardizord. It had taken a brutal beating in the previous battle against Kitsune. "Hmph! Bloody vandal!" he cursed. 8 long hours passed but at last, the big Tardizord was repaired. "Ah, that's much better." came Truro's voice. "Is it completely repaired?" Dan flashed the lamp. "Does this answer your question?" "Ah, yes." Truro replied, looking at the gleaming, shining Tardizord. "Reminds me of a lighthouse, really. Absolutely deLIGHTful!" Truro burst out laughing. "Truro..." Dan started. "Yes?" asked Truro. "I thought I was the "joker" of the team." "Well, yeah. But I am entitled to generate a little laughter too." Truro said. "Oh, sure." Dan said, quickly. "Anyway," he added, clearing his throat."I think it's time for another trip." "I'd like another little trip." Truro agreed. "Well, back to the flat then. Oh, and Truro . . ." "Yeah?" "Mind your laces!" But it was too late. Truro tripped over his own laces. "Had a nice trip?" "Oh, hah-hah!" laughed Truro, sarcastically. Dan helped him up after he tied his laces. After a short tea break, Dan and Truro entered the Tardizord. Carlos, Carlnados, Carly, Liz and CB followed. Tardizordon appeared on the central column. "Rangers, my sensors tell me that Kitsune has split into 4 copies of himself." "WHAT?!?!?!" yelled Truro in a high voice. The others held their ears. "SHUT UP!!!" roared CB. Dan's jaw dropped. "FOUR copies, did you say?" "Affirmative!" replied Tardizordon. "The first copy is causing havoc on Mario World." CB's nose flared with rage. "Teleport me there." he said quickly. A green flame surrounded CB and he was off. Liz and Carly gasped. "Uh, m-m-maybe I should follow him . . ." stammered Carly. She was used to seeing Truro boil over with rage, but not yet CB. A magenta flame surrounded her, and off she went. "I'm sure I've seen something like this somewhere before." Liz said to herself. Truro glanced at Liz, who looked deep in wonderment. "What's wrong, Liz?" he asked. "Hm? Just thinking, that's all." Liz laughed. Dan started the Tardizord up and it faded out of the main room of the base. Soon it was hurtling through the Time Corridor. "Of course! It reminds me a bit of Doctor Who." Liz said suddenly. Truro clapped a hand to his forehead. "Why else is it called the Tardizord?" he asked. "Oh yeah. Ha ha ha!" Liz laughed. "Kitsune's Stoners are attacking the planet Miangelis, which is inhabited by the angels." Dan said quickly, pointing to a monitor. It read on the screen "Location: Miangelis" and the screen showed the angels battling against the Stoners. "Looks like a job for me!" Liz said, excitedly, and disappeared in a flash of yellow. Suddenly, the Tardizord began to shudder violently. "Agh, crikey!" yelled Carlos. Dan and Truro grabbed hold of a lever each and pulled them down, and the Tardizord stopped shuddering. "Just a minute," Truro said. "What's that blue light?" "Pardon? Which light?" Dan asked. "That one." answered Truro, pointing to a flashing light blue light. "Oh, looks like the comunicator light is flashing." Dan said. "Tardizordon, establish visual link!" The central column faded from  Tardizordon to the caller. "Visual Link established." boomed Tardizordon. The caller was a familiar face. Dan and Truro recognised him instantly. "Billy?" "Affirmative!" came the reply of the blue MMPR. "And you must be the Red and Blue Fan Art rangers I heard about." "Correct." Dan replied. "Prodigious!" said Billy. "Cool Tardis replica. Must have taken a while to construct." Dan nodded. "It did take a while to make it, but it's a fully functional time and space travel machine." "Aye yai yai! That is amazing!" came a voice. "Hey, Alpha. Look who I've got online!" Billy called over his shoulder. Alpha 5 approached. "Wait a minute, are they two of the Fan Art rangers you told me about?" Alpha bleeped. "Affirmative." replied Billy. "Well, Rangers plus 1, should I say." Dan cut in.
"Carlos, here, was a resident of Serpentopia, before he joined us." "Fascinating!" Alpha said. "Anyway, are you functionig properly?" asked Truro. "I'm a little rusty, but I am more or less functional, thank you." answered Alpha. Suddenly, a bright red light appeared in the Tardizord. "You're not making me miss out on anything!" It was Jason. "Hey, guys." he said to Truro and Dan. Then, more lights lit up the interior of the Tardizord, and every Power Ranger, (apart from Billy, Liz, CB and Carly) was now standing inside the Tardizord - (Mighty Morphin, Zeo, Alien, Turbo, Space, Lost Galaxy, Light Speed Rescue, Wild Force, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD, Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive and Jungle Fury - 14 sets, as well as the two Pencil Force rangers.) "Greetings Rangers, past and present. Welcome to Dan the Countdowner's creation, the Tardizord. As you know, the tyrant Kitsune IV has sent his Stoner dragons to destroy the planets in the whole universe. So, I want you all to assist the Pencil Force to destroy them, before they start destroying any nearby planets in the universe." called Tardizordon. "How will we know where to find them?" enquired Adam. "I have programmed all of your morphers to have a map. Simply call "Activate Map" and a red light will indicate where the tone deaf dragons are. All the rangers split into 7 teams, Pink, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black and White, and then followed a very long morphing sequence. It ended with the Fan art Rangers sequence. The pink, yellow and green rangers flew off to help Carly, CB and Liz. The red, blue, black and white rangers remained. "Tommy II, you will join the red rangers, and blacks, the blues." Tardizordon called. The Tardizord reappeared in the Ranger Base. Billy and Alpha had followed the signal of the Tardizord, and found themselves within the Ranger Base. There was a lot of equipment about, so they took it to a disused large room. Dan decided to stay behind and help them. "I have a detailed knowledge of this building, so I'll stay and help Billy and Alpha with whatever they're constructing. Are you sure you can manage?" "Sure we can." replied Zack. "Uh, Truro, I'll contact you via your zord when you operate it." Dan said. "OK." replied Truro. "Carlnados, you go with them." Dan told Carlnados. "Righto." replied Carlnados. The rangers and Carlnados telported to wherever the Stoner Dragons were attacking. Dan entered the large empty room where Alpha and Billy were starting to put some odds and ends together. There was a large coumn which looked identical to the Tardizord column. There came a bright beam of light from the Tardizord and Tardizordon became two. One remained in the Tardizord, and the other entered the column in the empty room. "Testing, one, two!" muttered Tardizordon. "Ah, there we go. Dan, keep an observation on the others via the monitors." "Righto." Dan replied, and went to look on the monitors in the Tardizord, only to come face to face with a bunch of Stoner Dragons. He was still in his Fan Art ranger costume, so he teleported the Stoners to an empty field, and he battled them there. He suddenly glowed white hot, and a new costume took the place of his Fan Art Ranger costume. On his helmet was a picture of the Countdown clock, which was the shape of the visor, the costume remained the same design but with stronger material, and Dan found that he now had a new weapon in his arsenal - a clock saw. "Let's test this out!" Dan thought to himself. "Clock Saw Attack!" he called. The saw made a ticking noise and sliced the Stoners to ribbons. The cut up dragons disappeared in a poof of smoke. Dan teleported back to the empty room - which was now being redecorated and was becoming less empty. On Mario World, CB was sweating from the onslaught of Stoner Dragons. It seemed that no matter how many Stoners he cut through, there seemed to be more of them than ever. He was beginning to think that this was an annoying whack-a-mole game. CB gritted his teeth in anger as Kitsune smirked. "I'm so going to enjoy taking you on once you are weakened!" Suddenly, there came a flash of green light, and the green rangers from the previous series arrived. "Glad you could finally make it!" panted CB. "No problem." said Xander, the green Mystic Force ranger. "Let's get ready to rumble!" The Green rangers raised their right hands in the air. "Green Ranger Power, combine!" they called, and a big green sphere surrounded them. A green Megazord took their place. It was a souped up version of the Gamecubezord, complete with large cannons and gatling compartment. "Big Deal" muttered Kitsune, rolling his eyes. On Miangelis, Liz used her staff to save Trini from falling into a crevasse. "Thanks! I owe you one!" sighed Trini, thankfully. "No problem." smiled Liz. She glanced at the advancing Kitsune and Stoners. "I think we could really use some help here, otherwise we'll get creamed!" No sooner had she said that, a yellow flash of light filled the area and the other yellow rangers appeared. "You called?" ased Chip. "We did." Liz replied. "We need to help these angels get rid of these stony buggers!" The yellow rangers formed a circle and raised their arms. "Yellow Ranger power, Combine!" they called. There came a brilliant flash of yellow light, and in the rangers place was a megazord of a Thunder Bird, (Not to be confused with Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds), with lasers attached to its head. The Thunder Bird Megazord rose into the sky and took aim at the Stoners, who had took flight and were approaching the Megazord. Meanwhile, back on Marioworld, Carly had got lost trying to track CB and she couldn't find him anywhere. "Activate Map!" she muttered, and a 3D map appeared in front of her eyes. She kept a sharp lookout, but couldn't find CB. "Ah well." sighed Carly to herself. "It's no good trying to find him from up in the air . . . GOING DOWN!" she called as she dived towards the ground. Carly landed with a thump, and dusted herself off. "Bit of a rough landing, eh Pink Ranger?" came a voice. "Damn!" Carly said, through clenched teeth. She turned on the spot and saw Kitsune. "Kitsune, what are you doing here?" "I'm not only here. My other 4 copies are doing my dirty work elsewhere." laughed Kitsune. "Come forth, my stony henchmen!" Carly clapped a hand to her forehead. "It's the same thing everytime. You are repeating yourself, Fox-breath!" she groaned. "Hah! Such BIG talk from a SMALL person!" scoffed Kitsune. "GO!" 10 Stoners approached Carly, who whipped out her Tonfa. "Tonfa Saw!" she cried, and tossed it like a discus. "One, little two, little three, little Stoners . . ." she sang to herself as the spinning tonfa reduced the Stoners, one by one, to gravel. Once they were all gravel, Carly clapped and rubbed her hands together. "And that is that!" she grinned. But then, she heard a rumble. "What the . . .?" she gasped. The gravel had grown into 100 Stoners. "N-n-no way! You've g-g-got to be k-k-kidding me!" stammered Carly. Suddenly, a flash of pink light lit up the area, and all the pink Power Rangers appeared. "Need a hand?" asked Kimberly, the pink Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. "Thought it crossed my mind!" grinned Carly. "Time to kick some butt!" The pink rangers formed a circle and raised their arms, and if you're anticipating them saying "Pink Ranger power, combine!", then hats off to you!
Anyhow, in the pink rangers place, there now stood a giant midlander diesel, much larger than Carly's MidlanderZord. This version had bazooka lights, and projectile buffers. With a blast from the horn, the pink rangers began to battle. The Blue, Red, Black and White rangers arrived on the planet Skarond. "Skarond? Sounds familiar." thought Truro to himself. "Do you think it's Skaro's sister planet?" enquired Zack. "Skaro doesn't have a sister planet, I think." replied Madison. "What's on Skaro, anyway?" "You mean what WAS on Skaro, don't you?" Truro cut in. "It was the home planet of the Daleks." "Oh." said Madison, her eyes rolling awkwardly in her visor. All too soon, as quick as you could say "Exterminate", there popped up another Kitsune copy.  "Kitsune must be running out of ideas!" snorted Truro. "A bit late, aren't you, Red Ranger?" sneered Kitsune. "Funny! That sentence should be directed at YOU, you daft brush!" laughed Truro. "Ready, guys?" "You bet!" replied the red, white, black and blue rangers, and called on their formation phrases, (and I can't be bothered to say them out loud . . . for the umpteenth time.) After a minute of powering up, there now stood 4 separate Megazords in the ranger's corresponding colours. The red megazord was in the shape of a huge Flying Scotsman, with on board lasers and flamethrowers, (much to the delight of Truro.) and a large cockpit. The blue Megazord was in the shape of a paddle steamer, with torpedoes and water cannons. The black one took on the form of a helicopter, comlete with chainsaws and cannons, and Tommy II called on his Falcon Zord to speed things up a little. "Let's take this bout to outer space!" suggested Carlnados. "Right you are." replied Truro, who inputted the info and set the coordinates to a specific meetng point in outer space, with Kitsune in hot pursuir. "Catch us if you can, you vulpine twit!" called Truro over the microphone. Back at the flat, Dan was furiously tapping on the keyboard and wallopping the screen. "Truro! Come in, Tru . . . ah, there you are!" he said. "Are you recieving me?" "Reading you loud and clear." replied Truro. "Aim for the planet Sunevret. It's a desolate planet riddled with junk." Dan urged. "Roger!" replied Truro. "Make sure the other rangers are informed." continued Dan. "Gotcha. Out." replied Truro. Jason pressed a button labelled "Signal lights" and all the other Megazords met up at the specific meeting point. Truro picked up a microphone used in police car radios. "Hey, guys. Flash your lights if you can hear me." he called. There came a simultaneous flash of indicator lights as each of the other megazords flashed in reply to Truro's question. "Dan has advised us to take the battle with Kitzilla to the planet Sunevret." said Jason over the microphone. "What does it look like?" asked Carly and Kimberly, from the pink megazord. "It looks like a junk planet." responded Nick, the Red Mystic ranger. "You mean that one over there?" asked Liz, shining the yellow megazord's lights towards a planet full of bits and pieces. "Precisely." replied Truro. All the megazords followed the red megazord to the wastelands, (which is aptly named), of Sunevret. "Glad you could make it!" came a voice. The rangers looked down to see the 5 Kitsunes combine to become Kitzilla. "Come and get me!" taunted Kitzilla, as he put on his china mask and drew out his sabre. One by one, the megazords fired their weaponary towards Kitzilla, with little effect. "Shoot!" said Carly, bitterly. "Brace yourselves!" Truro said suddenly, as Kitzila kicked all the Megazords out of the way. "Too bad!" grinned Kitzilla, pulling a face. This really got Jason and Truro fired up. "If that's how you want to play, fine. We'll take it up to the next level!" called Jason. All the rangers called in unison: "Ultrazord Power Up!" There came a spectacular transforming sequence as the 7 Megazords came together to create one big one. It looked like a bigger Megazord with a helicopter for a head, 2 jetpacks, trains for arms, The paddle steamer was now a pair of legs and the cube became the torso. It looked like a heavy bit o' kit. The battle continued. Exchanging blow upon blow in hand to hand combat proved futile, so they called on the Power Sword . . . which also proved to be as useful as a butter knife in a mine shaft. "Pathetic!" sneered Kitzilla "Call yourselves Rangers?"
"Don't count us out, just yet!" grinned Truro. Jason, Truro, Tommy II and Zack pressed the big red button in front of them. "FURNACE CANNON!" came a chorus. A beam of fire shot out at Kitzilla and hit him right on the arm, which vanished. "You insolent little mites!" he growled. "You 'mite' as well give up!" joked Zack. Everybody groaned. "Oi!" said Dan via the radio."That's my speciality!" "Sorry!" said Zack. "When you've quite finished!" grumbled Kitzilla. "OK, OK! Keep your fur on!" said Xander. "Chopper beam!" A beam of light shot out at Kitzilla and sliced him in half. Surely, they'd have cut off his attack strategy . . . or so they thought. Kitzilla simply pulled himself together. All the ranger's jaws dropped in their helmets. "Nice try!" cackled the giant vulpine twit. "No . . . way!" gawped Truro. "But not good enough!" With a swish of his blade, Kitzilla sent the Ultrazord flying backwards, causing it to fall apart, and causing all the rangers to fly out from all directions. They all landed with a THUD! Back at the flat, Dan put the head set down. "Ai-yi-yi! What's wrong?" asked Alpha. "It seems Kitzilla has destroyed the Ultrazord." groaned Dan, running his hand through his hair. "What? Impossible!" Alpha gasped. "I'm afraid so." came a reply, as Billy approached. "Rangers, it's time you went over to Sunevret. Alpha and I will keep watch here." boomed Tardizordon. "Affirmative." replied Billy. In a flash of blue light, before anyone had the chance to say "tickety-boo", Dan and Billy arrived just in time to prevent Kitzilla from squashing the other rangers. "Well, well! What have we here? 2 ants?!" he laughed. "Ready Dan?" asked Bily. "You bet!" replied Dan. "Triceratops!" called Billy. "Bloody Scanner!" called Dan. Truro noticed that Dan's uniform now looked slightly different. "What the . . .? But, how? What? Where? Why?" jibbered Truro. "Consider it an upgrade, Truro." Dan grinned, moving his arms in a circle, then striking a pose. "Oh . . . kay." Truro mumbled to himself. "This is the MK II uniform, Truro. It's perfect for emergencies such as this one." Dan grinned. "Oy Carlos, Carlnados, are you there?" he called looking around. "We're here!" they replied, coming towards him. "We've bad news, I'm afraid." Carlnados said. "Yeah, the Megazords are heavily damaged, and can't continue to sustain any more punishment." added Carlos. Dan sweatdropped. "Ah." he said, stroking his chin. "Damn!" cursed Truro. Suddenly, the red and blue Megazords shot lasers at Dan and Truro, and they felt a familiar changing energy. Seconds later, taking the place of Dan and Truro, were the now floating Super Dan and Turbo Truro. They began to flash with charging power. The nagas grew to the same size as Kitzilla. Kitzilla ground his teeth. "I think this evens things out a bit." Super Dan said. "Couldn't agree more." put in Turbo Truro, pulling out his Shining Foil. The two souped up rangers darted here an there, giving Kitzilla a hard time. "It's futile to defy my pow - AAAAAAGH!" Kitzilla's sentence was soon cut short as Carlos used psychic energy to snap Kitzilla's tail clean off, causing him
to fall over. This was the signal for all the Megazords, as they recovered fully and powered up to become the Magnazord. The nagas shrank to their normal size, and formed a triangle with Super Dan and Turbo Truro. The triangle attached itself to the torso of the Magnazord. "TRI -BEAM FIRE!" called the rangers from inside the cockpit. The torso fired the triangle, which spread up and around Kitzilla and sent him hurling across space like Mini-Me. "I'm gonna get you, Power Rangers!"  he called as he burst into stars. "Cool! Fireworks!" grinned Zack. Back at the flat, Tardizordon congratulated all the rangers for putting Kitsune out of action for a while. Shortly after this, the Retro Rangers bid farewell to the Pencil Force rangers, and took off to carry on with their own lives and adventures. Truro walked over to the balcony and looked out as far as the Art Gallery. "Are you all right, Truro?" asked Dan as he joined him. "Hm?" said Truro, thoughtfully. "Oh, yeah. I'm just wondering where Kitsune's landed." he added, laughing. Alpha arrived with a crate. "What's in that crate, Alpha?" enquired Dan. "Well, you know you had an upgrade on your uniform? In here, there are upgrades for the other rangers. Truro opened the crate and pulled out the red uniform. On the helmet visor, he noticed there was an indentation of his silver foil. "Cool." smiled Truro. "Say, Dan. I wonder if the others have something like this." "I don't see why not." replied Dan.  It turned out the other rangers had upgrades too. CB had a star on his visor, Liz had angel wings and Carly had a tonfa on hers. There were also two sabres in the crate. Dan picked them up and gave them to Carlos and Carlnados. "Consider these gifts from me. said Tardizordon. "Thanks." replied the rangers. Tardizordon then explained that since he was in two places at once, (The room and the Tardizord), he should help them in any way that he could. Truro thought this a great idea. "And Billy and Alpha can stay, if they wish." "Thanks." said Alpha. "Affirmative." said Billy. "I may go in and out from to time to time to work at my home workshop." "That's fine with us." said Dan. "The more the merrier!" "Agreed" came a chorus. Dan took off his helmet. "Welcome aboard!" he said.  

DISCLAIMER : The episodes written are by me, but the characters used and introduced are copyrighted to their original owners