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Tardizord Twosome Episodes
Episode 4 - Doctor Tru?
Episode 1 - Serpentopia
Episode 2 - Tooth, Claw and Coil
Episode 3 - Rangers Unite
Episode 4 - Doctor Tru?
Episode 5 - Doomsday for the Dragons
Episode 6 - Revenge of the Alligatrons
Episode 7 - Evil No More?
Mini Episode 1 - The Devil within Turbo Truro
Episode 9: Christmas
Mini Episode 2: Kitzilla strikes again
Episode 11 - Rodents and Robots
Episode 12 - The Blazing Tramper
Episode 13 - Super Dan Vs the Daleks
Episode 14 - A Super problem!
Episode 15 - Living the Knightmare (Part One)
Episode 16 - Living the Knightmare (Part Two)
Episode 17 - Living the Knightmare (Part Three)
Episode 18 - Tellified? Of course not!
Episode 19 - All for one...!
Episode 20 - Bonebody
Episode 21 - Simulant!
Episode 22 - Battle for the Castle


Kitsune IV was still spinning furiously in space, when he was suddenly transmitted to the Master’s Pad. “I am very disappointed in you.” came the familiar deep voice. “I give you gigantic power of sorts, and yet you end up failing against 15 loads of Power Rangers?!” “With all due respect, sir, I was not counting on the Retro Rangers interfering with . . .”  “SILENCE!” roared the Master, his golden eyes shining with rage. “If you fail to destroy both the Art Museum and the Pencil Force Rangers, I will personally put an end to your service to evil.” Kitsune turned, ran to the Master and karate-chopped the horn on his nose. “You wouldn’t dare!” he roared, punching several holes into the Master’s wings, and proceeding to force him into the opposite wall. “Calm down, you fool!” bellowed the Master, firing an energy ball at Kitsune. Kitsune struggled to his feet. “I swear you will pay dearly if you threaten to do that.” He growled. About 30 miles away, the rangers were busily polishing their zords. Alpha 5 was running checks on them. “All the zords are 90% re-energised, rangers. They need another 20 minutes to finish recharging.” He called. “Thanks, Alpha!” called Truro from the top of the Jubileezord. “I wonder where that fox ponce has landed.” “Knowing him, I think he’s landed in trouble” Dan grinned. Everyone laughed for about 30 seconds. Eventually, the rangers recovered, and went to a large room where Zordon stayed. Dan had named the room “ZACC”. (That stands for Zordon’s Autonomous Command Center.) “Rangers!” boomed Zordon, as the rangers entered. “My sensors tell me that Kitsune has landed on Earth again.” “Damn!” cursed Truro. “When can he take “no” or “you lose” for an answer?” Liz added. “He can’t. He’s a possessed vulpine twit!” CB replied. “And he won’t stop until we’re exterminated or the whole of Shining Hills is erased from the map! Oh dear!” quivered Carly in fright. “That is correct.” Zordon said, gravely. “If he doesn’t watch out, he’ll override himself further with evil, and then where will we be?” asked Alpha. “In jeopardy!” Liz said. Dan, who was silent for a long time, was pacing back and forth, with a thoughtful look on his face. “What’s wrong, Dan?” asked Carlos. “Hmm?” Dan asked. “Oh, sorry. I just drifted off.” He laughed. “I’m thinking that Kitsune may be a henchman for a much more evil mastermind.” He looked at the viewing sphere. The Master’s silhouette appeared, and gradually showed the Master’s dragon-like face, and that trademark unstable look in his golden eyes. “Just as I thought. It appears that Kit-loony is working for  this slimy grotesque, known as the ‘Master’.” “Is that a Doctor Who reference?” asked Truro. “No. His real name is Buggroff-ya Stupordhast.” Dan replied. “And don’t even think of asking me to repeat it!” he added quickly. “He also has a brother called ‘Yursucha’.” Alpha added. Truro burst into peals of laughter. “Oh, pull yourself together, man!” Dan scolded. But the other rangers joined Truro in the laughter, while Dan, Carlos, Carlnados and Billy shook their heads in unison. “Buggroff-ya and Yursucha. I should have known.” Zordon said, suddenly. “It seems that Buggroff-ya’s base is just 30 miles west of Shining Hills.” “That’s probably where the Stoner Dragons  were being created.” Carly piped up. “The base is aptly named Mount Draco.” Dan explained. “Aptly named, because the exterior looks like a dragon head.” Billy added, as he entered the ZACC. “Well, Dan. Perhaps we should take a look at this Mount Draco.” Truro said. “Righto.” Dan replied. “But, won’t you two get caught?” asked Liz. “Us FOUR, you mean?” Truro said as Carlos and Carlnados entered the Tardizord. “Not if we’re incognito.” “Incog-what-what?” asked Liz. “Incognito” corrected Dan. “It means without being known or in disguise.”  “Oh . . . right.” Liz replied, rolling her eyes. “Dan.” began Truro. “Yes?” asked Dan. “I was thinking. You modelled the Tardizord on the Doctor’s Tardis, so perhaps you should disguise yourself as the Doctor.” Truro replied. “One moment…” Dan said, pulling Truro into the Tardizord. The familiar clock music played in the background. 30 seconds later, Truro emerged in the 10th Doctor’s costume, followed by Dan, dressed up in the Brigadier's uniform, and finally, the nagas who were operating a Dalek each.  “Perfect-a-mundo!” laughed CB. “Doctor TRU and the Daleks!” Dan raised an eyebrow. “I thought that was my trademark . . . oh, never mind!” he muttered. He knocked on the Dalek domes. “Are you two all right in those?” “Yes.” replied Carlos and Carlnados. Only, their voices were robotised. “Cool, you sound like real Daleks.” Carly grinned. "Tell you what, guys. We'll check out this Mount Draco now. If we need any reinforcements, we'll call for you." Truro said. "OK." replied Liz, Carly and CB, who went out of the ZACC, to go to the computer room. Truro and the Daleks re-entered the Tardizord, followed by Dan, who shut the doors behind him. "Dan, Maybe I should keep my alias as the Doctor for now, so as to confuse the opposition." suggested Truro. "Very well, Doctor. You've seen me do it, so why don't you set the controls for Mount Draco?" Dan replied. "Very well." Truro replied, swiping a packet of jelly babies from the candy cupboard. He pulled down a lever, and the sound of the Countdown clock echoed through the ZACC as the Tardizord dematerialised. 30 seconds later, it materialised outside of Mount Draco. As soon as they all got out, Dan shrank the Tardizord so that it could fit into his pocket. "That's a nifty trick, Dan . . . sorry, Brigadier!" Truro laughed. "Let's see if we can find the entrance." Dan said. He tapped on both Dalek shells. "Are you guys all right in there?" he called. "Affirmative!" came 2 replies. "Good." Truro replied. "Follow me." They all followed Truro a few kilometres down the path until they were confronted by a bunch of Stoner Dragons. "Halt!" said one of them, in its trademark scratchy, stony voice. "EXTERMINATE!" yelled Carlos and Carlnados in their Dalek voices, and fired jets of water at the bunch of stoners, which were rapidly reduced to clay. Dan, Truro and the nagas, still in their disguises, proceeded to and entered Mount Draco. As they travelled down a corridor, they heard a voice. "..stupid blue clad prat!" The 4 hid behind a corner. Dan boiled with rage. "It's Kitsune!" Truro grinned. "We've got him." Dan was now shaking. "Who's he calling a stupid, blue clad prat!" he growled, bitterly. He took a deep breath and sighed. "I'm OK." he said, clearing his throat. Suddenly, they heard the door opening, and Kitsune confronted the 4 disguised heroes. "Huh? The Doctor and the Brigadier?" he gazed. "Well, yes and no." said Dan, imitating the Brigadier's voice. "What do you mean?" enquired Kitsune. "Bloody Scanner!" called Truro and Dan together. POOF! "RANGERS!" gasped Kitsune. The Dalek cases faded out of view and Carlos and Carlnados emerged. "Don't forget about us!" grinned Carlos. Kitsune turned 180 degress and had just started to run when . . . "Oh no, you don't!" Carlnados yelled. "Teriaaaa!" He forced Kitsune to trip over, and pinned him down onto the floor, and quickly wrapped his coils around the struggling Kitsune. "Well done, lad." Dan grinned, putting a hand on his shoulder. "Right then." began Truro, rolling his 'R's like the 7th Doctor. "Where is your master hiding?" "Oh, like I'm going to tell you!" replied Kitsune. Aaaack!" "Wrong answer!" cut in Carlnados, tightening his grip. "Where is your master hiding?" repeated Truro. " Get knotted! Aaaaaack!" came a reply . . . and Kitsune got squeezed tighter by Carlnados. ""Where is your master hiding?" repeated Truro, for the last time. "He's hiding down that corridor." yelped Kitsune. Carlnados released his grip slightly. "That's better. That wasn't too hard now, was it?" said Carlnados, thankfully. "I can't stand being asked the same question for three consecutive times. It's so irritating!" groaned Kitsune. "OK, zip it!" cut in Truro. "Don't start, Truro!" Dan glared. "I'm gonna stay on you for now . . ." began Carlnados. ". . . and any more funny stuff from you, and I'll constrict again. Got it?" "Yes!" gasped Kitsune. "Good. Now, is there an interrogation room in here?" asked Truro. Kitsune led them down the corridor in question, and pointed to a red door. There was a sign nailed to it: "Interrogation Room 1." read Truro. "If occupied, try "Interrogation Room 2." added Dan, reading the footnote. Truro opened the door. The room was empty. "Good. In we go!" grinned Truro. For 15 minutes, Truro was questioning Kitsune, who still had Carlnados wrapped around him. "Now, what's Buggroff-ya up to?" he asked. Kitsune, cringing from the pressure of Carlnados' coils, raised his head. "He's planning to blow up the Shining Hills Art Museum himself." "And?" asked Truro. "He threatened to terminate my service to all evil. That b . . . AAAAAAAARGH!!!" Just as Kitsune was about to dish out some coarse abuse, Carlnados tightened his grip. "Cut it out, Carlnados!" Carlos said. "Sorry." sighed Carlnados, loosening his hold. "Terminate your service to all evil?" repeated Dan. "But isn't that a good thing?" asked Carlos. "In a sense, yes." Dan answered. "But if you're 100% evil and a madman like Kitsune, maybe not." "Yeah, and that's what bad guys do. It's our profession. We strike fe-hee-heeEEEEOWWWWWW!!!!" yelled Kitsune, as a painful shock coursed through his body. Carlnados had reapplied his pressure. "That, was for showing off, and getting ahead of yourself." sneered Carlados. Carlos didn't say anything, he just rolled his eyes and shook his head. Dan made a gesture to Carlnados which meant "Stop!" Carlnados released his hold again. This is ridiculous! thought Kitsune to himself. At this rate, I'll be as flat as a pancake. Back at the ZACC, the other rangers were standing by waiting for the order. "We might as well morph up now so we're ready for action." suggested Liz. "Agreed!" said the other rangers. They all morphed up to their MK 1 suits. In a flash of light, they all set off to Mount Draco. Kitsune, still with Carlnados on him, was turning blue. "All right, you can let go of him now." Dan called. "Please!" he added. Carlnados released Kitsune and slithered next to Dan. "Alley-oop!" Dan said as he heaved Carlnados onto him. "Kitsune, am I right in thinking that you want  a bit of payback on Buggroff-ya?" he asked Kitsune. Kitsune, who was breathing heavily, looked up at Dan. "That is correct." he replied. "And his brother Yursucha." "Well, I think we can help you there." Truro said. "I don't think so!" came a deep voice. 

There came a smokescreen and a dark shadow manifested itself. "Rangers, Boysnakes. This is . . ." began Kitsune. "Buggroff-ya Stupordhast.” finished Truro, tittering.  "Don't tell me to bugger off, red ranger!" The large azure dragon emerged from the smoke. "Whoever gave such names to stupid dragons like Buggroff-ya and Yursucha Stupordhast?" grumbled Dan. "Don't push your luck!" snarled Buggroff-ya. Dan pointed a finger to his head. "Looks like we have some late party guests." he grinned to hmself. "What?" puzzled Truro. There was a flash of light and there stood the other rangers."Let's get this party started!" Dan grinned. "Bloody Scanner!" Truro and Dan morphed up. "It's payback time!" Kitsune grinned, drawing his sabre. "Ki-ai!" he called as he brought his sabre down on Buggroff-ya's wings.

DISCLAIMER : The episodes written are by me, but the characters used and introduced are copyrighted to their original owners