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Tardizord Twosome Episodes
Episode 22 - Battle for the Castle
Episode 1 - Serpentopia
Episode 2 - Tooth, Claw and Coil
Episode 3 - Rangers Unite
Episode 4 - Doctor Tru?
Episode 5 - Doomsday for the Dragons
Episode 6 - Revenge of the Alligatrons
Episode 7 - Evil No More?
Mini Episode 1 - The Devil within Turbo Truro
Episode 9: Christmas
Mini Episode 2: Kitzilla strikes again
Episode 11 - Rodents and Robots
Episode 12 - The Blazing Tramper
Episode 13 - Super Dan Vs the Daleks
Episode 14 - A Super problem!
Episode 15 - Living the Knightmare (Part One)
Episode 16 - Living the Knightmare (Part Two)
Episode 17 - Living the Knightmare (Part Three)
Episode 18 - Tellified? Of course not!
Episode 19 - All for one...!
Episode 20 - Bonebody
Episode 21 - Simulant!
Episode 22 - Battle for the Castle

A few days after the adventure in Outer Space, Dan, Truro and the nagas had finished recuperating and were outside the Zord Hangar. Carlos and Carlnados were duelling with their sabres. "You've...practiced...well!" panted Carlos, matching Carlnados' techniques. "!" replied Carlnados. Dan and Truro were doing some speed trials. They were at one end of the runway, while Cedric was at the other with a stopwatch. He raised his arm. "Dan,"  "Yes, Truro?" "Let's hope that song from the Milky Way Advert doesn't play!" "Don't see why it should, Truro. I mean, we're not cars, aren't we?" "You're right." replied Truro. Cedric dropped his arm, and before you could say "Go Go Power Rangers!", they were off at top speed. Luckily, the music of that advert didn't play They were going too fast to hear it! Presently, they arrived at the end of the runway simultaneously. "I make that about...6 seconds." announced Cedric. The red and blue rangers high-fived each other. "Where did you learn to go so fast?" asked Cedric. "Ah, well." began Truro. "There is a chamber on the lower ground floor of the Tardizord where you can enhance your skills. As you exited the Tardizord after the trip to Space, Dan took me with him to the chamber, and we trained there for what felt like hours, where in fact it was only mere minutes!" "I see." said Cedric, but he didn't really. Dan and Truro held onto Cedric's shoulders. "A-one, two, three...GO!" counted Truro. In 0.5 of a second, he, Dan and Cedric had arrived outside the hangar. "Holy cow!" gasped Cedric. Carlos and Carlnados had finished their bout, and presently joined the three. They all went inside the Hangar. Truro and the Nagas all went up to the computer room, while Dan went back into the Tardizord. He shut the door behind him and walked up to the console. He moved over to the cupboard panel and took out his pad and pencil. He pressed a button on the console and an armchair appeared close to the ignition panel. Then, he sat down and began to sketch. He was about 5 minutes into his drawing, when  the telephone rang on one of the panels of the console. "I wonder who that could be?" Dan said to himself. He put his pad down, rushed over  to the phone and picked up the receiver. "Hello, Dan the Countdowner in the Tardizord speaking. Who's this?" he asked. The voice on the other end was speaking in Japanese, so Dan activated the translator on the receiver. "Greetings. This is General Tani, here." Dan's eyes popped wide open. "Wait a minute, THE General Tani? From Fu'un! Takeshi-Jou?" "That's the one." replied General Tani. "Well, I never did! It's an honour, sir." replied Dan. "What seems to be the problem, General?" "Guess." replied the General. "Count Takeshi won again in the Show Down?" "Ye-es," replied the General. "For the 199th time." "Wait, he won 199 times, you say?" repeated Dan. "Good grief!" "What's worse, the Count's Emerald Guards have been at my yellow wellington collection again." "They've what?!" gasped Dan. "They've been at your yellow wellington collection again? Well, we'd better do something about it, then." "Indeed." replied the General. "Right, I'll be on my way." said Dan, banging his fist down onto the console. "Bye for now, Dan." finished General Tani. "Goodbye." replied Dan, and he put the receiver down. Then he put the armchair and his pad and pencil away. He set the co-ordinates for "Takeshi's Castle, Midoriyama, Japan", and was about to hit the ignition, when the nagas and the other rangers came in through the door. Truro shut the door behind them. "Ah, hey guys." said Dan, rolling up his sleeves. "We heard your phone ringing from outside the Tardizord." said Liz. "Who was on the other end?" asked CB. "That was General Tani from Takeshi's Castle." replied Dan. "You mean, "Fu'un! Takeshi-jou", don't you, Dan?" asked Truro. "Yes, Truro." replied Dan. He explained to the others about General Tani's 199th defeat to Count Takeshi, and how his yellow wellington collection got invaded again. "I think we ought to give Count Takeshi a piece of our minds." said Truro. "I agree." agreed Carly. Everyone else nodded in agreement. "In that case," said Dan, "chocks away!" He activated the ignition, and the Tardizord dematerialised from the Zord Hanger and into the Time Tunnel. Within seconds, the Tardizord zoomed down a junction in the Time Tunnel until it materialized in a forest close to Takeshi's Castle. General Tani was pacing back and forth with a worried expression on his face. Then, he turned and saw the large blue box with the flashing light. "That could be him..." he said to himself. Then, he saw a door open on the box, and out came Dan, the other Pencil Force rangers and the three nagas. "Konnichiwa, General Tani!" they all said. "Greetings to you all." replied the General, bowing. He turned to Dan. "Are these your friends, Dan?" "That's right." answered Dan. "I told them about the Count's 199-win streak." "Very good." replied the General. Dan shrank the Tardizord and put it securely in his pocket. "Nice trick!" laughed the General, surprised. He threw his cane into the air, waited for it to spin and then caught it. The rangers and nagas applauded in admiration. "OK, guys. Let's see if we can deprive Count Takeshi his 200th win." said Truro, determined. "Are we all ready?" The others punched the air simultaneously. "Ready!" they replied altogether. "In that case," said the General, propelling his cane forward in his hand. "LET'S GOOOOOO!" He ran out of the forest, followed by the rangers and nagas. They came to the first challenge, which was "The Great Wall." Dan and Truro charged at the wall, then jumped at the last moment to propel themselves upward...they grabbed the top of the wall and pulled themselves up. Then, they helped pull the others up and over and slid down the other side. 142 other contestants followed...well, most of them. Dan, the other rangers and the nagas applauded as the other contestants reached the other side. One of them wore a red jacket, black fingerless gloves and black trousers. He noticed Dan and walked over. "Hey, Dan." "Oh, hey there, Liam." called Dan. "I didn't know you'd be here!" "I received a call in my travel machine from the General." laughed Liam. "It seems he's in distress over Count Takeshi's 199-win streak." "No kidding!" replied Dan. "Who's that, Dan?" asked Truro. "Oh, forgive me." replied Dan. "This is Liam. He's one of my friends I talk to on MSN." Liam and the others exchanged their greetings." General Tani came over to the group. "That was a nice easy start." he said. "Yes indeed, but this is only the beginning, General." replied Dan. "Very true." said the General. The next challenge was called "Slipped Disks". "Aha. I know this challenge." said Liam as he strapped on his water pack. "Eh?" pondered Truro, Carly, Liz, CB and the nagas. "You have to get to the top of that staircase without your ring getting penetrated." explained Dan. "Exactamundo!" grinned Liam. The Count's Emerald Guards were poised with their water pistols, ready to dish out a helping of wetness to the contestants. "Do your best, everyone!" called the General. "We will!" replied the contestants. "Go for it!" called the General. "CHARGE!" called Truro, and before you could say "Bob's your uncle", they ran to the staircase, squrting the Emerald Guards' paper rings with purple water. Some of the contestant's rings were penetrated, but 125 contestants (including the rangers, nagas and Liam) ran through to the next event. Meanwhile, at Takeshi's Castle, Count Takeshi himself was on the top balcony of the castle, looking through a telescope at the contestants going through. A large grin spread across his face. "Tani, you will fail as you have done 199 times in a row!" he chuckled to himself. "That 200th victory is as good as yours." laughed Count Takeshi's right-hand man. "Even if he does win against me, I still have 15 pairs of those yellow boots of his!" said Takeshi. He gestured to the windows behind him, and the guard could see the 15 pairs of boots. "Aha." said the guard. Presently, General Tani had caught up with the contestants, who were looking at a lake which had some stones in it. "Skipping Stones." said Dan. "This must be the next event." "Quite right, Dan." replied the General. "Do you mind if I go first?" "Not at all, best of luck, Dan" replied the General. Dan readied himself. ", I mean, I'll try my best. Here we go!" He ran up, and hopped across the stones...and landed on his stomach on the other side. DONG! "Oof!" he gasped. He got up and brushed himself down. "That speed training in the Tardizord recently seems to have come in handy!" he said to himself. The other rangers and nagas followed suit, then Liam, who almost fell in, but just saved himself. But some of the other contestants were not so lucky! Some sank with the loose stones, some banged their heads, and one even fell in the lake without touching the first stone. All in all, 25 contestants were eliminated, leaving 100 to run on to the next game, which was "High Rollers". "Oh, goody!" said Dan, enthusiastically. This was one of his favourite games. One contestant went up onto the platform, and was halfway across the 7 rollers...but he fell between the fourth and fifth roller and into the drink! Dan was next. He took a deep breath, and ran across the rollers and somersaulted onto the opposite podium. Carlos, Cedric and Carlnados had to be careful on this one because of their snake bases...but they managed it...just. Then Liam, followed by Truro, Liz, CB and Carly successfully reached the other side, and watched on as 15 more contestants failed to cross to the podium. Now, there were 84 contestants left. The next game they would be playing was "Ro-Jim-Bo". "Think of it as the famous 'Rock, paper, scissors' game" said the General. Dan got onto one platform, which was perched over an imitation volcano. On the opposite platform stood one half of the Popcorn twins. Some music started up, and the two began to dance. "One, Two, Here we go!" chanted Dan, and did the action for a pair of scissors. Pop, however did the action for paper, and he descended slowly to the ground. Dan went across the bridge to wait for the other contestants. The other rangers went through, followed by the nagas and Liam, and some more followed on. 19 were eliminated and now, the number stood at 65. Dan applauded the other contestants as they joined him. "This is so much fun!" laughed Carly. The next event was "Skittles". General Tani took out his pack of 10 cards. The 5 rangers, the nagas, Liam and another contestant were first to pick a card. Unfortunately for Dan, he picked the Ace. He grimaced and went off to get his skittle costume on. The others followed suit, and positioned themselves on the base of the hill. Jo Michiru, one of the Emerald Guards stood at the top of the hill with a rather large bowling ball. "Let's see you fall!" he called. "Yah!" He pushed the bowling ball, it rolled down the hill gathering speed and then...completely missed them. Jo Michiru fell over backwards in disbelief, but the 10 lucky contestants cheered as they were led out of the way to prepare for the next event. The next 10 contestants took their places, Jo Michiru pushed the bowling ball down the slope and 6 contestants fell over. In total, 25 were eliminated in that event, leaving 40. At Takeshi's Castle, Count Takeshi's guard was polishing the 15 pairs of General Tani's boots, which the Count had nicked from the General. Count Takeshi was watching the progress of the contestants with interest. "Hmm. Only 40 left..." he said. "But just how many will be in the final? I hope it'll be only 2!" The penultimate event before the "Final Fall" and the "Showdown" was "Bridge Ball" This time, it was Truro to go first. He edged his way onto the narrow bridge. "Whoa!" he gasped as he felt the bridge wobble. He turned round so that he could catch a golden ball from the General. Easy enough, you might say, but 'Strong' and Kibaji were manned at the other end with a cannon shooting black leather balls at Truro. One hit him on the rear end, others hit him on the back and hips, but Truro simply ignored it and slowly moved over to the other side. "YEEEOWWWW!" he roared, rubbing his aching joints. The other rangers and nagas got over no problem. Liam caught his first golden ball, but a black one knocked it from his hands. "What the...?" gasped Liam, and caught another golden ball. He got pelted by more black leather balls, but made it to the other side with a few bruises. Liam and the others looked on as more contestants joined them, but 20 had fallen victim to the guards' accuracy. Now, there were 20 left to go to the "Final Fall." General Tani congratulated the lucky 20, and led them on to the "Final Fall". "A game of luck, now. Choose any pit, and jump in. Two of them have a guard in, the other three do not." "Right." replied the contestants. They all rushed into the tunnel, and came out the other end where the 5 pits were. The rangers, nagas and Liam were very lucky, as they picked correctly. 6 more contestants were also lucky, but the remaining 5 were not, and were clobbered by the guards. The last 15 rushed through the final tunnel, and out of the pipe into the Castle Grounds, where they formed a queue behind the waiting karts. "Well done to you all for getting this far!" congratulated General Tani. "Count Takeshi's looking to get his 200th consecutive win, as you know. But, we're gonna put a stop to that, right?" "Yeah!" cheered the contestants. "Do your best, everyone. To your karts!" The 15 contestants raced to their karts, and so did the General. In the karts were laser guns, and on the karts was a sensor on a stick. If the General and the contestants were to win, they needed to shoot out Count Takeshi's sensor. Count Takeshi and his Emerald Guards mounted their karts. General Tani looked around him, the contestants were ready. "BEGIN!" called the General. BOOM! went the cannon. The Emerald Guards started firing at the contestants sensors, and knocked out two. Dan shot out 2 of the Emerald Guards' sensors. The odds were in the General's favour, but Count Takeshi would not let himself be beaten - his 200th victory was in sight. EEEEH! BOOOM! Liam shot out another of the opposition's sensors, and Carly and Liz each took out 2 more. Carlos, Carlnados and Cedric, in their karts, took aim and squeezed the triggers on their laser guns. Count Takeshi's kart was the only one of the opposition whose sensor hadn't blown up...yet. Count Takeshi took out three more of the contestant's sensors, at the same time as the nagas, Dan, General Tani and Liam took out Count Takeshi's sensor. A poof of smoke came from it...Count Takeshi and his right-hand man groaned and slumped forward...Fireworks shot out from Takeshi's Castle. General Tani and the 10 intact contestants had won! "WE DID IT!" they cheered. "Hip-hip...HURRAH!" Count Takeshi had to accept that his winning streak had come to an end, and he told his right-hand man to fetch the 15 pairs of yellow boots and the prize money. 5 minutes later, the 10 contestants stood in a group next to the General, and the prize money was split equally between the contestants. General Tani was pleased as punch to have his stolen yellow boots back. "That was rather good fun." said Count Takeshi. "Now, I can think about restarting my record." He turned to go into his castle, followed by his right-hand man. General Tani and the 10 contestants cheered and posed together as a picture was taken. Pretty soon, it was time to go and Liam was the first to leave. "That was rather exciting, wasn't it?" he asked Dan. "It certainly was." replied Dan. The two shook hands. "Maybe we'll meet up again some time." "Yes, maybe." replied Liam. "Well, see ya around, guys." "Bye." replied the rangers and nagas. And, with that, Liam zoomed off to his travel machine and left. The General joined Dan's side. "He's very quick." he said. "Yes, I'll say." replied Dan. "I'd put those yellow wellies away quickly before the Emerald Guards try to nick them again!" suggested Truro. "Oh, I'll make sure of that." replied the General. Dan looked at the photo which was taken a few moments ago. Each of the winning contestants had their own copy with the General's autograph on the bottom-left corner. "Right then. We'd best be off." said Dan. "Thanks for all your help to prevent the Count's 200th consecutive win." replied General Tani. "No problem at all." replied Dan. "If you have any more trouble with Count Takeshi and his guards, just give us a call." added Truro. "Don't worry, I will do." replied the General. The rangers and nagas entered the Tardizord, and Dan said his final goodbye to the General before he closed the door behind him. He walked to the central column, set the co-ordinates to the "Ranger Base, Shining Hills" and started the ignition. Outside, the General looked on as the lamp began to flash and the "tick-tick-tickatick-tick" of the engines began to sound as the Tardizord dematerialised out of sight. He blinked in astonishment, and then turned to go home.

DISCLAIMER : The episodes written are by me, but the characters used and introduced are copyrighted to their original owners