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Tardizord Twosome Episodes
Episode 1 - Serpentopia
Episode 1 - Serpentopia
Episode 2 - Tooth, Claw and Coil
Episode 3 - Rangers Unite
Episode 4 - Doctor Tru?
Episode 5 - Doomsday for the Dragons
Episode 6 - Revenge of the Alligatrons
Episode 7 - Evil No More?
Mini Episode 1 - The Devil within Turbo Truro
Episode 9: Christmas
Mini Episode 2: Kitzilla strikes again
Episode 11 - Rodents and Robots
Episode 12 - The Blazing Tramper
Episode 13 - Super Dan Vs the Daleks
Episode 14 - A Super problem!
Episode 15 - Living the Knightmare (Part One)
Episode 16 - Living the Knightmare (Part Two)
Episode 17 - Living the Knightmare (Part Three)
Episode 18 - Tellified? Of course not!
Episode 19 - All for one...!
Episode 20 - Bonebody
Episode 21 - Simulant!
Episode 22 - Battle for the Castle

Tardizord Twosome
Episode One: Serpentopia.
Part One

It was one of those mornings, in the district of Shining Hills, that everyone likes to see, and Dan the Countdowner, one of the Pencil Force rangers, had built a full scale replica of a police box, namely, Doctor Who’s TARDIS, in the Zord Hangar. Inside the replica was more or less the same with the central column and console, but with a more customised approach to decoration on the walls. He stood back to get a good luck at his replica. “That’s a good job well done.” He said, rubbing his hands together. In the flat where the rangers were staying, Carly and Chris Burrell were going out to the Museum to help the proprietor  to calm down, after another robbery the night before. Liz was busy with some important pieces of artwork on Photoshop. “So much to do, and so little time!” she said to herself. Truro, the leader of the Pencil Force, had nothing better to do so he went to see Dan. He found him next to the big blue telephone box. “Oh my god! Did you shrink the Tardizord?” he gasped, his face going crimson with rage. “Calm down, hot-head!” replied Dan, looking pale. “No. I just built an exact replica of Doctor Who’s TARDIS, that’s all.” “Oh.” said Truro, his face softening.“Look there.” continued Dan, pointing to the giant phone box behind him. “Oh.” Said Truro again, turning back to his normal skin colour. He always has a knack of turning crimson when he is absolutely annoyed, you see. “Does it work?” asked Truro, walking up to the replica. “Well, only one way to find out.” replied Dan, and with that, he opened the door, and they both stepped inside. “Good god, Dan!” exclaimed Truro, slack-jawed. Dan was busy pulling levers and pushing buttons on the console, and a large hologram of a head appeared on the central column. “Greetings, Pencil Force Rangers” it boomed. “I thought Zordon had died!” said Truro. “Well, look now.” boomed the face. “I’m pretty much alive.” “Call him Tardizordon.” Said Dan, pulling a row of switches down. “Right. Off we go then!” he said throwing a large switch. Instantly, the sound of the Countdown clock started as the Tardis replica faded from view of the hangar, where Liz now ran toward. That wasn’t the Doctor was it? She thought. If it was, I could have got his autograph. What a pity. The replica was now in a corridor full of clocks, and Truro gaped at a monitor. Dan grinned to see his gaping mouth. “Welcome to the Time Corridor.” He said. But, Truro’s excitement soon turned to panic as the replica started shuddering. “Whoa, Dan! What are you doing?” yelled Truro after he was sent rolling across to the other side. Dan struggled onto the console. “Tardizordon, report!” he called through a built in microphone. “Sensors indicate we are being thrown off course. Prepare for crash landing on the planet Serpentopia!” replied Tardizordon. “Hold on tight!” called Dan, as the shuddering continued.

Now, on this planet named Serpentopia, lived a peaceful race of Nagas, but for some strange reason, they had all vanished, except one. This teenage green anaconda kid was checking the near charred plains, when he heard a ticking noise. He immediately ran for cover, seeking refuge behind a lone wall. He peeked over it and now saw a blue telephone box.

Back in the Tardizord, Truro got to his feet and confronted Dan. “Oh, very well done, you imbecile!” he snarled, turning crimson. “Now look, come on.” said Dan, indignantly. He then paused. “We’ve stopped!” Truro looked at the monitor. “Is this Serpentopia?” he asked, cooling down. “Affirmative.” Replied Tardizordon.
The blue and red ranger stepped out of the Tardizord and shut the door behind them.
They paced forward, and they heard a slithering. This was a sound that got Truro scurrying behind Dan. “Dan,” he said. “Yes?” replied Dan. “When T-t-tardiz-z-zord-don said we would b-b-be l-land-ding on S-s-serpentopia, I d-did’nt expect t-to l-land on a p-planet inhabited by s-snakes.” (If you hadn’t realised, and I don’t think this is true as it’s only a fan-fic, Truro had started stuttering because he has a fear of snakes!)
Dan saw a wall nearby, and started to walk over to it. Suddenly, a teenager/snake hybrid popped his head from the other side, making Dan jump. Truro and Dan hid behind the Tardizord and looked at each other, their hearts racing!

Part Two

Dan and Truro looked at each other, terrified, their hearts going crazy. Eventually, Dan peeped round from the back of the box. “Any-anyone there?” he called.
“Y-yes.” came a reply from over the wall. “We don’t mean any harm. We sort of crashed landed.” Dan called. “Really?” came the voice, as the human hybrid’s head popped up. “I apologise for scaring you.” He said as he slithered over the wall. There now stood the green anaconda naga in front of Dan. Good grief! He thought to himself. It’s a real naga. “Er, hello. I’m Dan.” He said. The naga put his hand out.
“I’m Carlos.” Replied the naga, shaking Dan’s hand. “Welcome to Serpentopia . . . or what’s left of it.” Dan looked around. Everywhere was full of ash. “What happened?” asked Dan. Carlos pointed up. In the sky was a huge ship in the shape of an alligator. “That is the main ship of the Alligatrons.” He said. “Alligatrons?” puzzled Dan. Suddenly, he understood. “Alligator androids! What are they doing?” “They were taking my race prisoner and were going to destroy this planet.” Said Carlos. “Continue,” said Dan. “They thought they got everyone, but thanks to my camouflage, they failed to get me.” Dan turned and paced back and forth, head in his hands. Eventually, he grew sick of pacing back and forth with his head in his hands and finally said “I’ll try and help you out. I will get this planet back it’s inhabitants.”
Then, they heard a knock, and a groan from the back of the Tardizord. “Who’s that?” asked Carlos. Dan laughed. “It’s just a friend I brought with me.” Said Dan. “But I’d be warned if I were you, he doesn’t like snakes out of fear he’d be killed by one.” “Oh, I see.” said Carlos. Then Dan walked round the back of the Tardizord, and pulled Truro out. “Meet the leader of the Power Rangers Pencil Force.” Said Dan to Carlos. Then he said to Truro “He’s quite harmless really. Go and say hello.” He said, encouragingly. Truro cautiously edged towards Carlos. He gathered his wits. “Er, hi.” He stammered. But he quickly let off a yelp when he felt Carlos wrap his tail around his shoulders. “Help!” he cried. Suddenly, a bright glow filled the air and Dan had to shield his eyes because it was so damn bright. When the light subsided, Truro noticed that he wasn’t trembling or scared anymore, but Carlos still had his tail around his shoulders. “I don’t understand!” said Truro. “Why aren’t I dead?” “Because it’s against my nature to kill humans.” explained Carlos, unwinding himself from Truro.
Truro suddenly collapsed to the ash littered field. Dan heaved him up.
“Do you know of a weakness of the Alligatrons?” asked Truro, brushing himself down. “ I mean, everything has a weakness.” “Well, they are susceptible to water. It gets into their systems and blows them up, even their leader.” Replied Carlos. “Where are we supposed to find such a thing as water?” asked Truro. “Conda Lake is only half a mile from here, but we need some sort of tank to transport some of the water from there to here.” Replied Carlos. Dan was busy drawing a picture of a large tanker. He fed his pencil through the paper and said: Picturus Activato! Suddenly, the torn paper was replaced with a meaty vehicle. “Whoa! Sweet!” gaped Truro. “I thought this would be of great help to transport all that water needed!” explained Dan “Now hop in! We’ve got to get as much water as we can over here and quickly!” And before you could say “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” Carlos and Truro got into the huge tanker.
Dan drove off to Conda Lake. In no time at all, the tank was full of water, and there was still more than enough water left to cover the whole of Europe. The 3 drove back to the Tardizord, just in time to see the main Alligatron ship land. Dan fitted a large hose onto the tank and took position for impact. The Alligatron ship had now opened, and several troops of Alligatrons marched around Dan, Carlos and Truro just like a squad of Cybermen. Their leader emerged. “Hand over that boy!” he said in a mechanical voice, his mouth opening at the beginning of a sentence and closing at the end of a sentence. Carlos wrapped around Truro and hid behind him. “Why should we, bolt-breath?” asked Dan, picking up the hose. “The Alligatron’s objective is to eradicate Serpentopia of all Nagas and conquer the planet for ourselves!” replied the leader. “Well, sorry to break it to you, Jaws, but I’m not around to allow you to do that.” Dan taunted. “Either leave, otherwise . . .” “Otherwise what?” demanded the leader.” “Bloody Scanner!” called Dan, and immediately his Power Ranger gear appeared on him. “Enemy of Daleks and Cybermen, Blue Fan Art Ranger!”
“Power Rangers!” snarled the leader. “That’s right, and this one has something to say to you!” said Dan. “Truro, Carlos, duck.” He whispered to Truro and Carlos, so they did. “What’s that then?” demanded the leader bearing on Dan. “EXTERMINATE!” shouted Dan as a large jet of water shot out of the hose, hitting the surrounding Alligatrons. Immediately, the Alligatrons sparked and blew up. Seconds later, the whole field was littered with pieces of metal. Dan’s visor now met the leader who was now breathing angrily. Dan called on a new(ish) weapon that any of the Pencil Force Rangers could use. “Magical Plight – Sword of Light!” called Dan, holding up the shining sword which shone blue. Dan fixed his Sonic Screwdriver onto the sword, raised it in the air with his left hand and turned his right arm in a clockwise position.
“Get ready for the Final Countdown!” he called.
“You insolent brat!” cursed the Alligatron leader. “We are the supreme beings! We will return to destroy this planet.”
“I don’t think so!” called Dan. “You are the weakest link!” and he let loose a huge gush of water. “Carlos, Truro, Run! Get out of the way!” Instantly, Carlos and Truro took refuge behind the Tardizord. The water made the leader explode and the sound could be heard on the next planet, which was called Terserus. The explosion blast knocked Dan into the ship, and he fell beside it. "Goodbye!" he called after the bang. A huge smokescreen filled the area.

Part Three

Carlos and Truro peered out from behind the Tardizord. They saw Dan lying next to the unscathed ship. “Dan! Are you all right?” called Truro. Dan got up and brushed himself down. “I’m OK, guys! Don’t you worry!” he called. He looked at the ship and heard voices. “Help!” Dan gulped and took out his screwdriver. “I’m going in!” he said, bravely, and he boarded the ship. It was rather dark, but Dan soon found the light switch thanks to his trusty screwdriver. “Hello?” came the same voice. Dan turned. “Anyone here?” he asked. “Yes” called the voice. Dan hurried over to the furthest cell. “Excuse me, lad, but who are you?” asked the voice? “I’m Dan. Dan the Countdowner. Your salvation, your rescuer. I’m here to free you from these dreaded cells.” Replied Dan, pointing his screwdriver at the bars. “Ok, give it a push.” So, whoever made the voice pushed the bars and they  fell down with a clatter. Out came another anaconda naga, but this one wore a robe and a crown. Dan bowed, for he knew that the naga was a king. “I apologise, sir.” he said, straightening up. “I didn’t know.” “Never mind, young Dan. Let me introduce myself. I am King Serpentine of Serpentopia.” “Pleased to meet you, Majesty.” Dan said, bowing. He turned to the other cells. “Let’s get your subjects out of here.” Said Dan. “The Alligatrons made the cells impregnable from the inside, but they do crumble when I use my screwdriver. What a load of rustbuckets they were.” “Well said.” Laughed King Serpentine.
Soon, the faithful population of Serpentopia was restored, and Dan expelled the ship from the planet. But, the fields were still charred, so Dan got the hose and sprayed the area with water. Then he put some special shoes on with mops on the end. He started gliding about, and pretty soon, the fields were as clear as crystal. Dan bowed as the whole naga race applauded. Truro gaped. In no time, the cities, towns and fields of Serpentopia were clean. There was not a speck of ash to be seen, and the fear of the Alligatrons vanished from the whole planet.

Dan and Truro walked back to the Tardizord, and moved it to Conda Lake. Dan withdrew the tanker and he and Truro gazed out at the crystal clear lake. “Y’know Dan? I don’t mind snakes now” Truro said, stretching. “Really?” asked Dan. “That’s good. You’ve overcome your fear of snakes.” Suddenly, a familiar anaconda’s tail wrapped around truro and he felt he was dragged downwards. “Hello!” said Carlos. “Carlos!” laughed Truro. “Come on, I’ll give you a ride.” King Serpentine appeared beside Dan, tapping him on the shoulder. “On behalf of the people of Serpentopia, I’d like to thank you for helping us get rid of the Alligatrons.” He said. “It was my pleasure.” Said Dan, modestly. “I’d appreciate it if you took young Carlos with you on your travels” King Serpentine went on. Dan and Truro just stood there, open mouthed. “You mean . . .?” gawked Truro. “I certainly do.” Replied King Serpentine, laughing at the expressions on Dan and Truro’s faces. “He certainly has become Truro’s friend, so as he seems inseparable, he might as well join you.” Dan looked at Truro running about with Carlos hanging on tightly. Then he looked back at King Serpentine, bowed and said, shaking King Serpentine by the hand. “It’s a deal then, highness!” Truro and Carlos cheered. Then, Dan said. “I hereby announce, that Serpentopia and all it’s inhabitants is protected by the Pencil Force Power Rangers!” and bowed one last time to King Serpentopia. “Come on, you two. Into the Tardizord!” he called to Truro and Carlos behind his shoulder. “OK, we’re coming!” called Carlos and Truro in unison. Dan gave King Serpentine a phone number to the Tardizord, so he can call Dan and his friends across time and space, then he got into the Tardizord. “Bye, young fellows.” Called King Serpentine. “Take care, and thank you”. Then he saw the blue box fade out of view, and heard the sound of the countdown clock as it faded in the distance.

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DISCLAIMER : The episodes written are by me, but the characters used and introduced are copyrighted to their original owners